Café Levinsky - Soda Gazoz


Website | Levinsky 41, Tel Aviv Israel | 0584488480

It's a tiny little stall that you could walk right by - but make sure not to. Here a man named Benny Briga serves fresh made sodas and seltzer waters. Benny used to be a mixologist and a bartender before taking his passion for crafting delicious beverages into the world of gourmet sodas. Benny makes soda in the style of the old soda fountains - but with a new Israeli understanding of global ingredients and flavors.

Julie’s Egyptian Restaurant

Malan Street 42, Tel Aviv, Israel | 03-5169334

Julie's is located in Carmel Market, just a few blocks from the center of the market and just above the Yemenite Quarter. There's no reservations, she serves only lunch, and she closes when she runs out of food for the day. Her Egyptian specialties however are worth it. Every day Julie can be found making her rounds in the market, shopping for fresh vegetables and creating the unique menu for the day. Her Egyptian specialties include artichokes, and Molokheyya, a green plant chopped and cooked with garlic and coriander sauce often served as a soup. You'll want to give Julie a big hug once you meet her, and you'll find that the perfect addition to her food is a dash of her wisdom.


Rama’s Kitchen - Rama Ben-Zvi

Website | Nataf, Israel (outside of Jerusalem) | 02-5700954 – CLOSED temporarily after fire
(20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

“Rama’s Kitchen” is a unique restaurant in the Judean Hills that is open to the public on weekends only. Over the years Rama’s Kitchen has become a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The menu constitutes a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine that is characterized by simplicity and earthiness.

Yakob and Michal - Magda


Website | 02-533-5476, Ein Rafa, Israel. (20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

Only open on weekends, only serving the freshest ingredients, and refusing to offer anything but the most magical dining experiencing, Magda serves a fusion of Jewish and Arab cooking from a husband and wife team who share their dream of peace in the form of delicious cooking. The restaurant serves locally sourced, seasonal food which is famous for showcasing unique aspects of Levantine cooking.

Ezra Kedem - Arcadia

Website | 10 Agripas Alley, Jerusalem | 972 (0)2 624 9138

Arcadia's cuisine offers a truly local dining experience. Chef Kedem composes an ever-changing culinary expression of the local terroir in his own unique style and with meticulous attention to detail. His restaurant has helped define the rapidly evolving new Israeli cuisine and has a rich reputation hosting world leaders, statesmen, diplomats and world-renowned chefs. Chef Kedem shows us his famous Eggplant Carpaccio in the film - a dish that starts by burning an eggplant. While it seemed strange 15 years ago, now it's served across Israel by lead chefs.


Information | 5 HaShikma St., corner of 6 HaEshkol St. in Mahane Yehuda Market

The general concept of hachapuri (hacha means cheese, and puri means dough) comes from Georgia, but it differs in taste and in style from region to region. This bakery offers a classic hachapuri, an acharuli--filled with cheese and topped with a fried egg--and a magaruli--yeast dough with a layer of cheese on top, crisped in the oven.

The proprietor, Tango, noticed that Israelis had embraced Turkish burekas and decided to enrich the city’s culinary offerings with the amazing taste of Georgian burekas. Hachapuria makes these pastries fresh, without margarine, just like Tango’s mom has been making them for years.


Lina Hummus


Website | 42 Al Khanka Street, Old City, Jerusalem | 97226277230

A famous hummus spot which is a favorite among Jerusalem Israelis. Simple, delicate hummus topped with pine nuts or ful (fava beans) the hummus here has been made the same way for decades and is an enduring landmark in Jerusalem's Old City. As Mike said "It's hard to argue with that."


Chakra Restaurant

Website | Email | 972-2-6252733+,  King George 41 St. Jerusalem

Time was, Jerusalem wasn't seen as a foodie town. Times have changed. People from across the Middle East come to experience Chakra, an eclectic and hip restaurant in Jerusalem, with a menu that changes every few months and a party-like atmosphere. Always serving the latest in Israeli cuisine. Chef Ilan Garousi serves food that is considered to be among the best in Jerusalem. Reservations recommended.

Shai Seltzer, Har Eitan Cheese Farm | +972-54-4403762 | Email

The Farm - West of Jerusalem, down the eastern slope of Mount Eitan by the Sataf Springs, lies an area that has known agriculture for the last six thousand years. Here is where Shai and his family founded the farm in 1974. Shai's cheeses are famous throughout Israel not only for their quality but for their unique flavors. Using a cheese cave with cultures that can date back millennia, Shai's cheese reflects the flavors of Israel and is preferred by many Israeli chefs. On location there is an organic vegetable garden based on the ancient technique of terrace farming, a goat herd of 170 heads and an award winning goat cheese dairy.

The farm is open to visitors on weekends. Check for tasting exhibitions and special culinary events. Group visits, Training programs, and seminars on goat farming and cheesemaking are available.

Moran and Eli Mizrachi - Café Mizrachi

Website | 6 HaShazif St., Mahane Yehuda Marketplace, Jerusalem, Israel

The “original” market restaurant in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market, Cafe Mizrachi has been serving fresh, locally sourced lunch and coffee to the market crowd since 2002. Father and daughter manage the cafe together, with the goal of keeping the restaurant interesting and seasonal.

Hedai Offaim - The Ofaimme Farm

Website | +972-52-6130917 | Email

The Ofaimme Farm was founded by brothers Yinon and Hedai Offaim. The farm grows livestock, fruit, and vegetables in order to maintain a diversity of species that promotes the ecological tapestry in which we live. In the organic pen alpine goats are raised for their milk; in the henhouse free range chickens provide eggs, and in the fields and orchards grow dates of various varieties, mango, vegetables, and herbs. 

The Ofaimme farm processes their crops slowly, by hand, and using traditional methods without to create food pesticides, preservatives, hormones, or genetic engineering.  The products of the farm are all sold locally and are sown and reaped, reared and milked, harvested and picked with the help of workers and volunteers from around the globe who enjoy creating healthy, fair, and delicious food.

Farm store Locations:

  • The Renanim Center, Maccabim, Modi’in. The store sells all of the farm produce along with light meals and fresh organic coffee and tea.
  • 17 Beit Hakerem St., Jerusalem. A farm store alongside a beautiful coffee house and vegetarian restaurant that serves food and drinks from the farm’s produce.
  • The farm in the Arava, Moshav Idan. In this location they host organized group tours of the farm as well as meals and events.
  • The farm in the Ella Valley, Moshav Zafrirm. Here they host cooking workshops, meals, lessons and lectures on sustainable agriculture and slow food in Israel.
  • Location in Jerusalem to be opened in April 2016.

Tzora Vineyards

Website and Location | +972-2-9908261

Located in the Judean Hills, the winery was established in 1993 and it produces approximately 80,000 bottles annually. Tzora wines reflect the Judean Hills’ unique Terroir. In order to achieve this goal, they make wine only from their estate’s fruit, grown in three vineyards. The winery holds workshops about vineyards and wine to groups of 4-50 participants. The workshops include wine tastings, and can be combined with cheese tastings around a Knights’ Table or in the winery garden. The workshops are held by prior arrangement. There is a store alongside the winery, selling wines, wine accessories, and sheep milk cheese from boutique dairies. Open: Sunday: 12:00-16:00, Monday – Thursday 10:00-16:00, Friday: 09:00-13:00

Tabor Winery

Website | Tabor Winery Visitor Center POB 422, Kfar Tabor 15241 | +972-4-6760444

Tabor Winery is one of Israel's most prominent wine producers. The Winery is located at the foot of the historical Mt. Tabor in the Lower Galilee where it aims to capture the essence of the fruit and create a wine for every mood! We offer tours and tastings to visitors that need to be coordinated in advance with the visitor's center.  The winery is open Sun-Thur 9:00 - 16:00 Fri: 9:00 - 16:00. For all inquiries about Tabor wines outside of Israel please contact the winery.

Uri Buri

Website | 11 HaHagana, Akko, 04-955221

Incredibly fresh seafood cooked by fisherman, chef, hotelier, and local legend Uri Jeremias. Not only does Uri get his seafood fresh from the port every day - he knows all the tricks to get the absolute freshest fish. His unique and flavorful cooking has kept the restaurant thriving for over 20 years. Considered the best restaurant in Akko by some, and the best seafood restaurant on the Mediterranean by others, Uri Buri is tucked into a 400 year old Ottoman building in the old city of Akko.

Tal Pelter, Pelter Winery

Email | Location | 972-542-486663

At his higher-altitude vineyard in the Golan Heights, Tal Pelter grows boutique wines comparable to the best in the world. The northern geographical location creates ideal ripening conditions - snowy winters, late onset of spring (April), long ripening at relatively low summer temperatures, day/night temperature differentials and high levels of sun radiation. It's a small winery, very intimate. Tours are available, please coordinate your visit in advance by phone or email.

For those unable to visit the winery, Pelter Wines are available across the world and represent the best of Israel's growing boutique wine scene.

Al Arz Tahini

Purchase Al Arz Tahini Online | Website

Al Arz Tahini was founded in 1992 as a small Christian Arab family business in Nazareth, Israel. The company was founded by Assad Zaher. His wife Julie and daughter Lana took over the family business after his passing and continue to win awards and praise from both chefs and home cooks for the flavor of their tahini. They start with the best quality sesame seeds and work to preserve the sweetness and aroma of the sesame seeds without using chemical processes. You can buy their Tahini anywhere in Israel, or online for international distribution.

HaBeit - Traditional Arabic Food

Website | 053-8094937 | Ein Hud, Ein Chud

Habait Be'Ein Hud in the hills outside Haifa, serves authentic home-style Arabic food without a set menu, serving whatever is fresh and in season. Mohammed Mubarak and his entire village come together to serve generous portions of tasty food with a lovely view. Food lovers in the know think this may be the best Palestinian food in Israel. Be sure to arrive in time for sunset. Reservations are a must!