Machneyuda Restaurant - Assaf Granit

Beit Yaakov 10 st., Jerusalem, (053) 809-4897

Now a famous TV chef in Israel, Assaf Granit started as part owner of this innovative restaurant that blends traditions into a unique dining experience. It's one of the most happening restaurants in the country, and you can't help but be caught up in the energy of the place. Part market restaurant, part high-cuisine, part nightclub - both the atmosphere and the food at Machneyuda capture the lively personality of Israel. Located in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market, or “The Shuk."

Rama’s Kitchen - Rama Ben-Zvi

Website | Nataf, Israel (outside of Jerusalem) | 02-5700954 – CLOSED temporarily after fire
(20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

“Rama’s Kitchen” is a unique restaurant in the Judean Hills that is open to the public on weekends only. Over the years Rama’s Kitchen has become a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The menu constitutes a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine that is characterized by simplicity and earthiness.

Yakob and Michal - Magda


Website | 02-533-5476, Ein Rafa, Israel. (20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

Only open on weekends, only serving the freshest ingredients, and refusing to offer anything but the most magical dining experiencing, Magda serves a fusion of Jewish and Arab cooking from a husband and wife team who share their dream of peace in the form of delicious cooking. The restaurant serves locally sourced, seasonal food which is famous for showcasing unique aspects of Levantine cooking.


Information | 5 HaShikma St., corner of 6 HaEshkol St. in Mahane Yehuda Market

The general concept of hachapuri (hacha means cheese, and puri means dough) comes from Georgia, but it differs in taste and in style from region to region. This bakery offers a classic hachapuri, an acharuli--filled with cheese and topped with a fried egg--and a magaruli--yeast dough with a layer of cheese on top, crisped in the oven.

The proprietor, Tango, noticed that Israelis had embraced Turkish burekas and decided to enrich the city’s culinary offerings with the amazing taste of Georgian burekas. Hachapuria makes these pastries fresh, without margarine, just like Tango’s mom has been making them for years.


Chakra Restaurant

Website | Email | 972-2-6252733+,  King George 41 St. Jerusalem

Time was, Jerusalem wasn't seen as a foodie town. Times have changed. People from across the Middle East come to experience Chakra, an eclectic and hip restaurant in Jerusalem, with a menu that changes every few months and a party-like atmosphere. Always serving the latest in Israeli cuisine. Chef Ilan Garousi serves food that is considered to be among the best in Jerusalem. Reservations recommended.

Moran and Eli Mizrachi - Café Mizrachi

Website | 6 HaShazif St., Mahane Yehuda Marketplace, Jerusalem, Israel

The “original” market restaurant in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market, Cafe Mizrachi has been serving fresh, locally sourced lunch and coffee to the market crowd since 2002. Father and daughter manage the cafe together, with the goal of keeping the restaurant interesting and seasonal.