Hedai Offaim - The Ofaimme Farm

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The Ofaimme Farm was founded by brothers Yinon and Hedai Offaim. The farm grows livestock, fruit, and vegetables in order to maintain a diversity of species that promotes the ecological tapestry in which we live. In the organic pen alpine goats are raised for their milk; in the henhouse free range chickens provide eggs, and in the fields and orchards grow dates of various varieties, mango, vegetables, and herbs. 

The Ofaimme farm processes their crops slowly, by hand, and using traditional methods without to create food pesticides, preservatives, hormones, or genetic engineering.  The products of the farm are all sold locally and are sown and reaped, reared and milked, harvested and picked with the help of workers and volunteers from around the globe who enjoy creating healthy, fair, and delicious food.

Farm store Locations:

  • The Renanim Center, Maccabim, Modi’in. The store sells all of the farm produce along with light meals and fresh organic coffee and tea.
  • 17 Beit Hakerem St., Jerusalem. A farm store alongside a beautiful coffee house and vegetarian restaurant that serves food and drinks from the farm’s produce.
  • The farm in the Arava, Moshav Idan. In this location they host organized group tours of the farm as well as meals and events.
  • The farm in the Ella Valley, Moshav Zafrirm. Here they host cooking workshops, meals, lessons and lectures on sustainable agriculture and slow food in Israel.
  • Location in Jerusalem to be opened in April 2016.