Chef Michael Solomonov

Mike's Website

For our American viewers, our chef guide Mike Solomonov’s restaurants are a bit easier to get to than Israel. Most are in Philadelphia - the only problem is deciding which one to go to. Don't take our word for it - Eater Magazine called him "the genius of Jewish cooking" and Saveur said "This is a man who can do more with eggplant than most chefs can do with a chicken." Mike won Outstanding Chef (can you say Oscar?) by James Beard in 2017 and his book Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking, won the Beard Cookbook-of-the-Year award in 2016.

Zahav - $$$

Website | 237 St James Pl, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Mike’s Israeli restaurant and winner of the James Beard award for Best New Restaurant in the Mid-Atlantic. Fusing all the complex traditions and flavors across Israeli cooking into one menu, and adapting it for American ingredients. Famous for its lamb, its hummus, and salatim, Zahav is frequently listed as one of the best restaurants in the country. Popular with just about anyone who eats there, this is as close as your taste buds can get to our film without going to Israel.

Abe Fisher - $$

Website | 1623 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

Abe Fisher is a restaurant dedicated to the food of the Jewish diaspora. By definition then, it’s not quite Israeli cuisine. However the food of the Jewis on the some of the same cuisines that inspire Modern Israeli cooking. It’s also delicious. Their Montreal-style short ribs are among the most popular menu items.

Mike Solomonov’s simple, creamy, hummus tehina is dressed up a variety of ways at his casual hummusiyas. Be prepared for the tastiest Israeli lunch this side of the Atlantic. Many Israelis swear it's as good as anyplace in the Holyland

Dizengoff Philadelphia, New York (Chelsea Market)
Website | 1625 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Dizengoff New York - $
Chelsea Market, 75 9th Ave., New York, NY

Dizengoff Miami
250 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127

Federal Donuts - $
Visit Website For Locations

Gourmet fried chicken, donuts, and coffee shop. Not quite Israeli cooking - though you can get your chicken with Za’atar - but incredibly tasty. 

Meir Adoni - Blue Sky, Catit, Mizlala

Meir Adoni is one of Tel Aviv's leading chefs, at the forefront of haute cuisine in Israel. He was raised with a Moroccan upbringing, and fuses his Moroccan grandmother's inspirations with Modern Jewish cooking to play with old and new recipes. "As a chef, the first thing I bring to the table is tradition. I respect the original flavors and ingredients. Only then do I add my crazy interpretation, launching the dish off to new and uncharted territory."

Nur - $$$
34 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

Nur, is Meir's New York restaurant that received two stars from the New York Times. He describes it as Middle Eastern, not Israeli. It's WONDERFUL!

Catit - $$$ – CLOSED
Nahalat Binyamin St 57, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
+972 3-510-7001

Unique and exciting high-culinary art cuisine from Meir Adoni, served as Degustation menu.

Blue Sky - $$$ kosher
15th floor of Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel - 10 Eliezer Peri st.,
+972 3-520-1830

Meir Adoni’s inventive and surprising all-Kosher restaurant with a spectacular rooftop view on top of the Carlton hotel in Tel Aviv.

Mizlala - $$ – CLOSED
57 Nahlat Binyamin St. Tel Aviv
+972 03-566-5505

Meir Adoni’s “backyard” where he plays with a “worldly range of flavors, as well as preserving the traditional home cooking of the Israeli kitchen.” 

Haim Cohen - Yaffo Tel Aviv

Website | 98 Yigal Alon St. Electra Tower, Tel Aviv |+972 03-624-9249

Haim Cohen was one of the pioneers in the gourmet restaurant scene in Tel-Aviv years ago. Now, his new restaurant "Yaffo TLV" connects the roots of Israeli cooking with the cooking of his Ashkenazi grandmother.  A restaurant born from culinary conflict between eastern and western flavors, Yaffo is a culinary love letter to the distinct flavors of the Jewish experience. The menu changes each day to reflect the fresh ingredients the restaurant sources.  

"Delightfully delicious food from someone who truly knows what he’s doing"

HaBasta - Market Restaurant

Carmel Market, Hashomer 4, Tel Aviv | (03) 516-9234 | Read Reviews

This tiny restaurant and wine bar serves food straight from the surrounding Carmel Market, focusing on fresh vegetables and seafood. Small and very popular, so be sure to make reservations. Chef Maoz Alonim focuses on serving dishes that highlight their basic ingredients - simple, fresh and delicious.

Rama’s Kitchen - Rama Ben-Zvi

Website | Nataf, Israel (outside of Jerusalem) | 02-5700954 – CLOSED temporarily after fire
(20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

“Rama’s Kitchen” is a unique restaurant in the Judean Hills that is open to the public on weekends only. Over the years Rama’s Kitchen has become a thriving culinary landmark and is consistently ranked as one of Israel’s leading restaurants. The menu constitutes a confluence of contemporary western cooking techniques and traditional Arab and Mediterranean cuisine that is characterized by simplicity and earthiness.

Yakob and Michal - Magda


Website | 02-533-5476, Ein Rafa, Israel. (20 mins from Jerusalem, 1/2 hr from Tel Aviv)

Only open on weekends, only serving the freshest ingredients, and refusing to offer anything but the most magical dining experiencing, Magda serves a fusion of Jewish and Arab cooking from a husband and wife team who share their dream of peace in the form of delicious cooking. The restaurant serves locally sourced, seasonal food which is famous for showcasing unique aspects of Levantine cooking.

Chakra Restaurant

Website | Email | 972-2-6252733+,  King George 41 St. Jerusalem

Time was, Jerusalem wasn't seen as a foodie town. Times have changed. People from across the Middle East come to experience Chakra, an eclectic and hip restaurant in Jerusalem, with a menu that changes every few months and a party-like atmosphere. Always serving the latest in Israeli cuisine. Chef Ilan Garousi serves food that is considered to be among the best in Jerusalem. Reservations recommended.

HaBeit - Traditional Arabic Food

Website | 053-8094937 | Ein Hud, Ein Chud

Habait Be'Ein Hud in the hills outside Haifa, serves authentic home-style Arabic food without a set menu, serving whatever is fresh and in season. Mohammed Mubarak and his entire village come together to serve generous portions of tasty food with a lovely view. Food lovers in the know think this may be the best Palestinian food in Israel. Be sure to arrive in time for sunset. Reservations are a must!

Hussam Abbas, El Babour

Website | 1 Umm alFahem Road, Umm el Fahm, Israel, 04-611-1798
El Babor & the Sea: Website | HaHaganah 2 Ako, Acre, Israel, 04-9891219

Husam Abbas offers Palestinian food that is renowned in Israel for it's delicious flavors. Serving the best in Arabic cuisine, he is famous for his “Kebab El Babour”, lamb grilled on cinnamon sticks - then baked with fresh laffa. 


Mile End Deli

Website | 53 Bond St, New York, and at 97A Hoyt St., Brooklyn | (212) 529-2990

A Jewish delicatessen in New York City that let us film their tasty smoked meat sandwiches. Montreal-style smoked meat by Noah Bernamoff of Black Seed Bagels. Not quite like Katz's, the thoroughly modern joint is part of a new wave of American Jewish cooking that inspired Israeli chefs like Eyal Shani to open modern delicatessens in Tel Aviv.