Roger Sherman

Director | Producer | Cinematographer | Still Photographer | Author

Roger Sherman’s films have won an Emmy Award, a Peabody Award, a James Beard Award, and two Academy Award nominations. He’s a founder of Florentine Films, a producer, director, cinematographer, still photographer, and author. His subjects include art, history, science, social issues, the environment, and food.  

“Perhaps the best film ever produced in the American Masters PBS series.”

“An extraordinary American masterpiece.”

  • Of THE RESTAURATEUR, a portrait of Danny Meyer, Kat Kinsman, writing for CNN's Eatocracy, said

“Beg, borrow as needed, but do yourself a favor and see Roger Sherman’s doc.”

"There won’t be anything more worth your while on TV.”

  • Roger’s latest film, The Second Life of Jamie P, is a portrait of his friend of 40+ years, Jamie Peebles, who always thought he was a man. Until one night, “like a bolt of lightning,” she realized she’s a woman. Roger followed Jamie’s emotional, revelatory, and often funny transition for a year. Coming 2019.


Zapruder & Stolley: Witness to an Assassination
The Rhythm of My Soul
Beyond Black and White
The American Brew
Don’t Divorce the Children
Strings Without Borders
The Garden of Eden
Fast Eddie and the Boys


Roger is the cinematographer on most of the films he creates. He works freelance, shooting The Gates for Maysles Films; he interviewed and filmed Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino for The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; Mayan pyramids for the National Gallery of Art and many others.


Roger shoots food, gardens, travel, portraits, food and whatever else catches his eye. His work has appeared in Town & Country, Saveur, Budget Travel, Garden Design, MetHome, and Newsweek. He photographed The Brisket Book: A Love Story With Recipes by Stephanie Pierson.